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Episode 25: Josh Perry: BMX Pro, Brain Tumor Survivor, and Keto Lifestyle Advocate

Listeners can find Josh Perry at his website, and on Instagram @joshperrybmx


Josh Perry is a multiple brain tumor survivor, pro BMX athlete, and ketogenic lifestyle advocate. Josh focuses on the power of his story to inspire others to foster new perspectives and take new action in their lives. Providing tools for mental strength, health, manifestation, business, and nutrition, Josh’s story illustrates how challenges come in every shape and size, but emphasizes that happy and successful people use the same mental tools to get them there, regardless of their past or current tribulations.

In this episode, we talk about surviving multiple brain tumor diagnoses, the role of a ketogenic lifestyle in healing the body and brain, the role of exogenous ketones, and rejuvenating mitochondria!

Episode Top Takeaways:

  • The healing potential of the Ketogenic Diet
  • The Keto Diet’s effect on rejuvenating mitochondria
  • Effects on brain function using exogenous ketones
  • Epigenetics and expressing or suppressing genes
  • Strategies to heal your brain after years of damage

Show Notes: 

  • [5:30] Josh’s story. Training with Dave Mirra, competing in the X Games, and then...
  • [6:30] “So I went to get an MRI...:”
  • [9:00] Josh just passed the 10 year anniversary of brain surgery!
  • [11:30] “We know McDonald’s is bad, and candy and soda are bad to live off of. But I didn't understand how much it was effecting me”
  • [12:00] Josh very quickly lost about 30 pounds after learning about the real effects of a poor diet... but then he became afraid to eat
  • [13:30] Gamma knife and radiation therapy in the brain
  • [14:00] Josh has been low-carb, high-fat ever since reading Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter
  • [15:00] Mark Sisson/Primal Blueprint and hitting a maximum of 150 grams of carbs per day
  • [16:30] Epigenetics and expressing or suppressing genes
  • [19:30] “Once in a while, I’ll have wine, I’ll have pizza, like glutinous pizza! But it’s not going to be a regular thing”
  • [20:00] “You don’t need to be keto forever”
  • [20:30] Rejuvenating and optimizing mitochondrial function
  • [27:00] The optimal human diet is to just eat real food, but is that realistic?
  • [28:30] “I’m enjoying how I’m eating. I’m not hungry anymore, and I’m not binge eating.”
  • [30:00] Keto is not a fad diet, it is the only diet that has a biomarker to track your efficacy
  • [32:30] We are starting to see a lot of data on how our brains function with and without exogenous ketones
  • [34:00] MetFlex and Chill: Ryan Lowery
  • [34:00] “With the lifestyle that I follow, which is a ketogenic diet with exogenous ketones, I am helping my brain after all those years of destroying it with alcohol and copious amount of sugar”
  • [45:00] Dr. Joe Dispenza and NLP
  • [47:00] The effects of subconscious thoughts and NLP coaching
  • [48:30] Controlling the thoughts that you choose to hold

Please feel free to contact Josh on Instagram - @joshperrybmx

Listen to the full episode HERE. 


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